D.C Pen Show Experience and Japan!

This was my third year visiting the D.C. Pen Show! It’s just as exciting and overwhelming as ever! I bought so much stuff, but tried to not buy Japanese products. I’ll have the opportunity to buy them in Tokyo, hopefully for a lower price.

Here are the pictures of my haul:

Some of my favorite purchases were:

  • Jinhao shark pen
  • Midori Grain notepad
  • Story Supply Co. SMR edition
  • Oasis notebook (review in progress)
  • Colorverse Able and Miss Baker
  • J. Herbin Vert de Gris
  • Kaweco AL Sport Rose Gold
  • Cute pen roll!
  • I’m in Narita airport right now, very exhausted but excited. It’s too bad that there’s a typhoon/heavy rain in the weather forecast. I’m totally fine with spending a few days inside at museums and stationery shops. 🙂
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